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 In an 8 ounce spray can


Parents: You Can Easily Rid Head Lice From Your Child With a Non Toxic, Poison Free Alternative That Will Kill Head Lice, Nymphs and Eggs and Dissolve Nit Glue on Contact.

There is absolutely no need to panic, head lice are common in school age kids, every year school districts around the country report that 1 out of every 10 students has to deal with a head lice incident. Any school nurse will tell you that 3-12 year old students are famous for close contact and can spread these ecto-parasites to others in the class room or the rest of your household.  Dealing with Lice Hair.  Having a case of lice hair is not the end of the world, nor does it mean your child has poor hygiene, fact is head lice actually prefer a squeaky clean head.  However having a bout with head lice can seriously interrupt your child’s education and can be a big annoyance in terms of itching and loss of sleep, but head lice are not known to transmit infectious agents from person-to-person. In some cases the saliva and faeces from head lice on more sensitive victims can exacerbate the irritation and increase the chance of a secondary infection from excessive scratching.  How Does Liceno Eradication Treatment Kill Lice?  This remarkable, all natural, head lice eradication treatment was developed in 2006 at the request of the USDA for our troops deployed in the Middle East.  LiceNo eradication treatment contains only two, non-toxic ingredients: Hydrated Silica (The carrier) and specially fractionated (The active ingredient).  How Much Do You Know About Head Lice?  Click here to see an informative web MD slide show.  Click here to see the size of head lice compared to a penny.  LiceNo eradication treatment is extremely fast and effective, and has quickly outdistanced other natural head lice remedies. Parents and schools often remark about how powerful LiceNo eradication treatment is in killing lice and lice eggs.  LiceNo Eradication Fluid:  Let’s be crystal clear, LiceNo treatment is deadly, to lice, nymphs and lice eggs. LiceNo treatment is perfect for parents that want something with real power.  Let’s face it if you’ve got a case of lice hair at your place, you want them dead and gone, and fast.  Formulated from fractionated Red Texas Cedar Oil and Hydrated Silica (Melted quartz rock).  Contact with this dynamic solution will kill the Louse instantly.  Immediate absorption of LiceNo eradication solution by the hair will dissolve the louse nit glue from the inside of the hair structure resulting in a rapid release and demise of the nit. Directions For Use:  Liberally spray and soak hair with LiceNo eradication solution.  Place a non porous shower or swim cap on lice head victim for an hour.  Overnight or longer periods of time will enhance results.  Remove cap and shampoo hair.  Additional spray treatment with LiceNo for several days will stimulate and enhance the hair condition and eliminate any lice re occurrence.   Avoid contact with eyes. Area Treatment:  Hot water wash all bedding, clothing and personal effects of lice head victim. Spray mattress, box springs, head board and other areas that were exposed to lice. If you are dealing with a large infected area consider the LiceNo KIT # 4000 LiceNo which includes area sprayers designed to provide a complete and even distribution of the solution to all surfaces.