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Head Lice Memo


There is a new non-toxic organic way to treat head lice effectively, and immediately.  It’s called LiceNo!  It kills the eggs, nymphs, and adults with one treatment.  It’s safe for your children and easy to treat their hair, and scalp.  Head lice is both growing and a recurring problem among children 3-12 yrs old.  Its more common in girls due to long hair.  Children at this age have frequent physical contact with each-other and of course a lot of this comes from interaction at schools.  The animal itself is an ectoparasite and is called head louse.  They are colloquially called “nits”.  This problem is known to affect about 1 out of 10 children at some point in their lifetime.  Head lice infestations most common symptom is scalp itching.  The eggs take about a week to hatch, and the nymphs take about a week to develop into adult lice.  The adult can live for a month on the scalp.  The adult louse is about the size of a sesame seed.  The bites are red, and often around the ears, and the nape of the neck.  They are itchy, and when scratched can become infected, impetigo, and pyoderma can result.   All you do is to spray, and soak the hair with LiceNo, and have the child wear a non-porous swim cap or shower cap for at-least an hour (over night is better) and then shampoo the air normally, avoiding the eyes.  At the same time spray the bed, pillow and bed board.  Hot water wash the bedding, and clothing.  LiceNo will kill the parasites naturally and effectively.  The louse breathes in the LiceNo, and dies within seconds.  Your child’s education will not be interrupted by exclusion from school as is the normal board of education policy.